$ let N=0 N=N+10**{0..5}*${RANDOM:0:1}

Dec. 7, 2019, 3:26 p.m.CK


Rather than calling out to python to create a pseudorandom number, we can use the builtin functions of bash to do this more quickly and with less code.

$RANDOM is the builtin random number function in bash. It yields an integer up to 5 digits in length, so this method elects to sample just the first digit from each of the six calls made to $RANDOM. let lends its arithmetic capabilities to construct the 6-digit result piecewise, so that:

๐‘ต = ๐’™โ‚ + 10๐’™โ‚‚ + 100๐’™โ‚ƒ + 1000๐’™โ‚„ + 10000๐’™โ‚… + 100000๐’™โ‚†

where ๐’™แตข are the 6 initial digits taken from the 6 calls to $RANDOM.


This method doesn't preclude the possibility of leading zeroes counting towards the 6-digit total.